Commercial Invoices for Customs

Capture important data from your commercial invoices, including line item details, without painstaking manual work, so your team can scale profitably, whatever your documentation volumes are.

Adrian Green

Business Improvement

“A fully automated process”

“Data capture was once a time consuming and expensive task managed by multiple operators, but with Shipamax, it has evolved into a fully automated process, allowing operators to spend less time on data extraction and more time focused on valuable customer-facing tasks.”

Processing Technology

Straight through processing

Reduce the risk of errors, save your team from manual work, and handle huge volumes of documentation with ease. Shipamax automatically categorises commercial invoices directly from your inbox, validating key information including product descriptions, quantities, weight and values before posting directly into CargoWiseOne for customs declaration creation.

Data Extraction

Line item level extraction

With Shipamax, you'll never have to create another template to extract line item data. Shipamax's proprietary Contextual Understanding Layer understands the context of your commercial invoice documents out-of-the-box - no matter the format or language.

Product Codes

Smart product code matching

Shipamax's smart product matching will maximise matches between invoice lines and products in your curated database. Your records for this product will be imported into the line, saving manual work when cross-checking incorrect and missing codes with your database.

Other Features

Extended features

All emails auto-forwarded to a 
dedicated Shipamax mailbox, with the option to 
create seperate mailboxes for different offices.

CargoWiseOne integration:

Out of the box integration with CargoWiseOne.

CargoWiseOne eDocs uploading:

Upload a copy of the document directly into the eDocs function.

Multi-document file processing:

Process files containing multiple documents of the same or different types.

Exception management workflow features
Account permission structures:

Set team and user level permission for exception management.

Document search:

View documents by a selected status and search documents by key identifiers.

Document comments:

Leave comments on documents for team members.

Data extracted view:

View what data has been extracted and then change or add new information if necessary.

Exception type:

View the root causes for exceptions, which are automatically flagged by the system.