The data entry automation platform for logistics organisations

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make it simple for any logistics organisation to automate data entry.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to enable the free flow of global trade information within and between organisations

What do we do?

Shipamax is a platform for data entry automation within logistics. Our full service solution makes it simple to deliver data entry automation across your entire organisation. By automating data entry with Shipamax, we'll help your business scale profitably, unlock process improvements, and ensure compliance in a way that vanilla OCR and manual data entry just can't.

How do we do it

Our proprietary Contextual Understanding Layer removes the need to set up and maintain templates. As logistics specialists, the platform has been purpose-built to solve the problems logistics companies face. From our specialised machine learning layer to the user interfaces teams interact with to our deep integrations with logistics systems - everything has been designed to accelerate delivery and maximise ROI. Finally, our Customer Success team works hand-in-hand with your organisation to ensure your project is delivered with confidence and further align to your business goals.

Shipamax at a Glance


Industry focus


Logistics documents and emails processed per year


Times faster than manual data entry


Customers automating data entry with Shipamax


Shipamax employees and still growing


Investor funding to date

Our History


Founded by Jenna Brown (CEO) and Fabian Blaicher (CTO)


Joined #1 startup accelerator Y Combinator

Raised $2.5m seed funding

Launched Shipamax data extraction platform for bulk shipping companies


Core tech adapted to support data extraction use cases, with a focus on freight forwarding


Raised $7m Series A from leading tech investors


Scaled core technology & product to serve 3 core use cases within freight forwarding & 3PL segments


Commercial invoices for customs entries launched

Our Story

“The first Bill of Ladings started to circulate in the 13th Century. Today, the way we document the delivery of goods from A to B largely remains the same. These processes were never designed to handle today's volumes. Email helped us overcome the first major phase of global trade growth - it’s cheap, ubiquitous, reliable - no wonder it became the default global network of exchange.

By sitting on top of email, Shipamax enables organisations to access shipment information as if it was designed in the modern age and sent via API. There’s no need to change established communication processes between customers and suppliers.

Before Shipamax, automation for logistics was inaccessible and under-utilised. It was typically only available to the largest companies. Our technology has changed that.

By creating a simple, data-entry automation platform for logistics organisations, we’ve been able to allow logistics teams of any size to modernise their operations, increase profitability and focus on delighting their customers.”

Jenna and Fabian

Shipamax Co-Founders

Company Values

Think and act like one team

Consistent, high impact delivery

Start small to go big

A partner, not just a vendor

Backed by leading technology investors

Proudly backed by $9.5M in venture capital funding from leading technology investors, allowing us to invest heavily in the latest applied machine-learning R&D while maintaining financial stability.

Our London Office

2nd Floor, 241 Southwark Bridge Road, SE1 6FP

Malik Benzenine

VP of Sales Shipamax

Why I joined Shipamax

"Joining Shipamax was a clear cut decision. With this team and technology, plus the company's early track record and mission to transform the logistics industry, it was obvious to me that the future has great things in store for Shipamax."