Shipamax helps you to deliver data automation with confidence

We'll help your business scale profitably, unlock process improvements, and ensure compliance in a way that vanilla OCR just can't.

Shipment documentation was never designed with today's scale in mind

Shipment volumes have exploded over the last decade - and it's set to continue, with the 2020 pandemic accelerating consumer trends and placing them on an irreversible path. However, the fundamental processes and documentation that sits behind the delivery of goods from A to B remains the same. These were never designed with today's scale of shipments in mind.

Day-to day, small data entry errors, such as typos or incorrect classifications can have large and often expensive consequences - from limiting how productive teams can be, to reducing the profitability of each job and causing downstream operational issues. Across the organisation, these manual processes reduce scalability and drive a lacklustre experience for the end customer.

Despite the plethora of RPA and OCR tools on the market, automating data entry at scale within logistics is still a gigantic task. For most organisations, delivering full scale automation across their entire organisation is cost-prohibitive and there is no guarantee of success. This is where Shipamax can help.

Shipamax is a full service solution that takes care of data entry automation, so you can focus on your core business.

Step 1

Shipamax Technology

Our proprietary Contextual Understanding Layer delivers a solution that understands the unique context of your documents and their relation to your business.

Step 2

Shipamax Led Rollout

Our Customer Success Team will ensure you deliver the best first impression across your business, with a tried and tested rollout, support and technical maintenance plans.

Step 3

Ongoing Process Improvements

Detailed reporting allows your process improvement teams to identify operational issues and fix root causes, helping to increase straight-through rates and ROI.

Step 4

Automation that aligns to your business goals

Scale profitably, unlock process improvements, and ensure compliance in a way that manual data entry and OCR technology just can't.

Industry expertise

Logistics specialists

The Shipamax platform is purpose built to overcome the challenges logistics organisations face. Specialised data extraction, logistics-specific business rules, purpose built user interfaces and deep integrations enable you to accelerate automation delivery with a system that works from day one. With logistics being the number one focus of Shipamax's business, your technology will never go stale.

Customer success

Proven, repeatable rollout success

Shipamax owns the end-to-end process in house - sales, rollout, support, and technical maintenance. This ensures complete alignment, de-risking the roll-out process and providing long term assurance nothing will go wrong. Post initial roll-out, you'll benefit from our dedicated Customer Success team's support - ensuring your entire automation journey continues to deliver.


Contextual understanding layer

Our experienced technical team have 'seen it before', enabling them to build an ML platform optimised to drive business results. The vast majority of the data science team holds PhDs and worked at leading research institutions. They’re supported by engineers coming from institutions such as Google, Bloomberg, and NetApp. Contact our Solutions Experts to understand how our proprietary architecture will benefit your business.


Enterprise ready

Shipamax invests in experienced technical talent to mitigate unnecessary systems risk. Security isn't an afterthought for us - Shipamax is secure by design. From advanced data loss prevention to credential management, we're built to keep your security team happy.

Adrian Green

Technical Director

“A fully automated process”

“Data capture was once a time consuming and expensive task, but with Shipamax, it has evolved into a fully automated process, allowing operators to spend less time on data entry and more time focused on valuable customer-facing tasks.”

Barry Clarkson

Head of IT

“A smooth rollout from day one”

“From day one, we’ve worked closely with the Customer Success team, who have done an excellent job to ensure a smooth rollout, providing support and guidance from the initial kick-off meeting all the way through to our project go live.”

Fabricio Bley

Project Manager

“Shipamax is transforming how we work”

"Shipamax is transforming how we work at GKN, helping to automate what was previously a time-consuming manual process for our accounts team."

James Coombs

Head of Transformation

“A 30% reduction in time to process documents”

“Since go-live, we’ve unlocked a number of process improvements across the business, resulting in a 30% reduction in time taken to process documents for import jobs.”