Accounts Payable Invoices

Extract, structure, and clean invoice data in real-time without manual data entry, BPO, or vanilla OCR. Real-time turnaround means your teams always work with accurate data, and exceptions are managed in one dashboard.

Fabricio Bley

Project Manager

“Shipamax is transforming how we work”

“Shipamax is transforming how we work at GKN, helping to automate what was previously a time-consuming manual process for our accounts team”

Processing Technology

Straight through processing

Shorten turn-around times with real-time document processing: no human input needed. All documents contained in your emails are automatically scanned by Shipamax and invoices are processed, reconciled and pushed straight to CargoWiseOne in less than five seconds.

Exception management

Simple, centralised exception management dashboard

Our 'easy to use' dashboard and detailed notifications regarding the reasons for an exception enables issues to be resolved by users in less than 14 seconds. A centralised dashboard for exceptions enables teams to cut time spent on disparate back-and-forth communication when something goes wrong. Sync with multiple teams, assign access to individual operators and comment on invoices to quickly resolve issues as a team.


Detailed reporting engine

Identify process issues and unblock bottlenecks in real time, with detailed graphical reporting on automation performance. You'll finally have the right data at your fingertips to unlock business-wide process improvements and meet your unique business goals.

Other Features

Extended features

All emails auto-forwarded to a 
dedicated Shipamax mailbox, with the option to 
create separate mailboxes for different offices.

Automated document integration classification:

Upon receipt, automatic document classification is kicked off.

CargoWiseOne integration:

Out of the box integration with CargoWiseOne.

CargoWiseOne eDocs uploading

Upload a copy of the document directly into the eDocs function.

Multi-document file processing:

Process files containing multiple documents of the same or different types.

Exception management workflow features
Account permission structures:

Set team and user level permission for exception management.

Document search:

View documents by a selected status and search documents by key identifiers.

Document comments:

Leave comments on documents for team members.

Data extracted view:

View what data has been extracted and then change or add new information if necessary.

Exception type:

View the root causes for exceptions, which are automatically flagged by the system.

Multi currency invoice handling:

Handles multiple currencies on a single invoice.

Team allocation:

Allocate exceptions to certain teams and filter the results by which team they have been assigned to.