Bills of Lading Import

Free your team from time-consuming manual work with Shipamax's solution for BoL document data entry. Shipamax automates job creation and updating into CargoWiseOne by validating and grouping relevant data from master and house bills contained within pre-alert emails.

James Coombs

Head of Transformation

“Operators spend more time serving key accounts”

"In addition to fewer errors and delays, operators are now spending next to no time on manual data entry and more time serving key customer accounts, which will no doubt have a major impact on company performance and profitability.”

Processing Technology

Straight through processing

Create and post import jobs into CargoWiseOne with zero human input for faster turnaround times. All documents contained in your emails are automatically scanned by Shipamax, processed in real-time and automatically posted to CargoWiseOne, updating or creating a console or shipment.

Document Grouping

Smart document grouping

Logistics can be chaotic - documents come in at different times in different shapes and sizes. By evaluating Master and House Bills in context, Shipamax validates that the correct information has been received and groups documents before creating and posting information to the correct jobs in CargoWiseOne - finally enabling straight-through processing direct from your inbox. Missing documents are identified and highlighted in our exception manager - ensuring nothing slips.

Data Extraction

Over 24 granular data attributes extracted

With no templates to manage, Shipamax understands the context of each document and identifies the most relevant information. Shipamax extracts over 24 unique data attributes from both Master and House Bills of Lading, including MBL number, HBL number, carrier name, container type, container number, consignee, exporter ref, voyage, vessel and more.

Other Features

Extended features

All emails auto-forwarded to a dedicated Shipamax mailbox, with the option to create separate mailboxes for different offices.

Automated document classification:

Validates that all key information used to link to a job has been received and identifies the types of bills that have been received.

Analytics dashboard and reporting:

Visualise key metrics for the BoL Import solution performance.

CargoWiseOne integration:

Out of the box integration with CargoWiseOne.

Multi-document file processing:

Process files containing multiple documents of the same or different types.

Exception management workflow features
Document cards:

Specific cards are created to represent a group of bills that have been received in a pre-alert email.

Data extracted view:

View what data has been extracte and then change or add new information if necessary.

Document classifier:

Manually reclassify the document from a House to a Master Bill and vice versa.

Document search:

View documents by a selected status and search documents by key identifiers.

Edit groups:

Select specific document cards and merge groups together.

Team allocation:

Allocate exceptions to certain teams and filter the results by which team they have been assigned to.