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Why Shipamax?

Experienced technical team who have 'seen it before', enabling them to build a ML platform optimised to drive business results.

Proven, repeatable roll-out success, we keep the entire process in house, de-risking the process for clients and providing assurance nothing will go wrong.

Logistics specialists, who understand the challenges and complexities that logistics organisations face.

Enterprise ready, we invest in experienced technical talent to mitigate unnecessary systems risk.

Adrian Green

Technical Director

“A fully automated process”

“Data capture was once a time consuming and expensive task, but with Shipamax, it has evolved into a fully automated process, allowing operators to spend less time on data entry and more time focused on valuable customer-facing tasks.”

Barry Clarkson

Head of IT

“A smooth rollout from day one”

“From day one, we’ve worked closely with the Customer Success team, who have done an excellent job to ensure a smooth rollout, providing support and guidance from the initial kick-off meeting all the way through to our project go live.”

Fabricio Bley

Project Manager

“Shipamax is transforming how we work”

"Shipamax is transforming how we work at GKN, helping to automate what was previously a time-consuming manual process for our accounts team."

James Coombs

Head of Transformation

“A 30% reduction in time to process documents”

“Since go-live, we’ve unlocked a number of process improvements across the business, resulting in a 30% reduction in time taken to process documents for import jobs.”

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