Automatic Reconciliation of AP Invoices

Accounts Payable Invoices

90% of logistics organisations manually reconcile AP Invoices - whether that's your finance team, a shared service centre or an external BPO service.

Some teams use vanilla OCR solutions to help lift some of the processing weight. However set up limitations can cause problems elsewhere - resulting in uncecessary manual intervention, back and forth between teams and tedious maintenance.

With Shipamax, invoice data is extracted, structured, and cleaned in real-time. Built in business logic and out of the box integrations automatically reconciles the data with your TMS or ERP.

Shipamax cuts the time spent on manual work by up 85%, meaning finance teams process invoices faster, avoid late payments and fines, and maintain strong supplier and customer relationships.

Fabricio Bley

Project Manager

“Shipamax is transforming how we work”

"Shipamax is transforming how we work at GKN, helping to automate what was previously a time-consuming manual process for our accounts team."

Teams that benefit from automating the reconciliation of AP Invoices



Shared Service Centre

Profitability & Scale

Scale efficiently with real time processing of every invoice

Reconcile invoices and credit notes faster with increased accuracy and free your team from manual admin work. Shipamax understands your incoming invoices, categorising, extracting and validating your data in real-time with high accuracy. Reconciled invoices are pushed directly into CargoWiseOne, with no disruption to your team's workflow.

Iterate & Improve

Unlock process improvements with detailed reporting

Shipamax's detailed reporting makes it easy to catch exceptions before they cause problems and identify underlying issues to reduce the amount of exceptions the team has to process. Day-to-day, your finance team can finally stop fire fighting when something goes wrong. As a team, you'll have the data at your fingertips to identify and drive new process improvements at scale.

Compliance & Control

Ensure global processes are followed, no matter your scale

As your team gets larger and more distributed, Shipamax provides a centralised view on accidental deviations from global operating procedures. Simple user interfaces and customised workflows make it easy for everyone to follow 
best practice.

Your accounts payable reconciliation workflow with Shipamax

Step 1

Send Documents

We receive your invoices via Shipamax auto forwarding

Step 2

Extract data

Shipamax machine learning engine extracts details from your invoices with no templates required

Step 3

Structure data

Shipamax structures key data and matches it to your database conventions

Step 4

Exception management

If there is an exception, Shipamax will flag this for you within the platform 
for correction

Step 5

Data entry

Shipamax sends data directly to your TMS or ERP system e.g. CargoWiseOne

What document types do we 
support for AP invoice reconciliation?

We currently support the following document types for AP invoice reconciliation

Credit Notes
What we support
JPEG File Format
PDF File Format