and SEDNA Integration

Shipamax's plug and play integration with SEDNA automatically adds category tags to emails with metadata from automatic processing. By automatically tagging emails users can filter out messages that have already been processed, reducing email volume by 85%.

Rapid set up
Add Position or Cargo tags
Add Region tags

Martin Hjelle

Head of Technology

“Shipamax is transforming how we work”

"With all emails tagged by Shipamax in SEDNA, our Chartering Managers areable to work more efficiently, reducing the volume of emails they recieve,and focusing on the most important communications."

Shipamax Solution Integrations with SEDNA

Automatic Position Lists
Automatic Cargo Lists

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Customs entry pre-processing that integrates directly into CHIEF and CDS customs declarations.
The network is made up of configurable adapters that make connecting your existing software to your partners as easy as pointing and clicking.
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