Shipamax API

Shipamax's easy-to-use REST API allows your in-house team to build custom integrations into your internal systems. Send in any email & we'll categorise, extract the data & allow you to pull a clean, structured data feed alongside the original document/attachment.

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“The Shipamax API makes it easy to sync data into our ERP system"

"Following a straightforward setup, the Shipamax API makes it easy to sync data into our ERP system"

Shipamax API

AP Invoices
Import Bills of Lading
Export Bills of Lading
Commercial Invoices
Automatic Position Lists
Automatic Cargo lists

Shipamax Integrations Marketplace

Customs entry pre-processing that integrates directly into CHIEF and CDS customs declarations.
The network is made up of configurable adapters that make connecting your existing software to your partners as easy as pointing and clicking.
The Veson IMOS Platform is the maritime world’s leading solution for commercial freight and fleet management.

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